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is located in Miami, Florida with several years of experience defending those facing criminal charges, such as felonies, drug charges, domestic violence, assault, theft, and drunk driving. Our legal team has in depth knowledge of all the facts of current law and has a deep understanding of the entire legal process. is honest and takes the time that is needed to do what needs to be done for our criminal defense pursuit. We make sure that a client gets all the support needed for the most favorable potential outcome.

In fact, we are so serious that we give all clients our personal cell phone number. Yes, that is right, we are here for you night and day, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. This is a unique service that is not the usual way attorneys do business. This is our exceptional way of getting on with our forte, while supporting our chosen client.

has won cases in all areas of criminal law, all over the state of Florida. The most beneficial results will come when criminal defense attorneys take your case as seriously as you do, because with passion, we achieve the best possible results . We take our time going over our case at hand, and we find the best resources for the specific legal issue at hand.

In Miami specifically, the city is so outspread and large, it may be hard for anyone to get the help needed. It can become perplexing and frustrating; thought processes are not the best either, when we are upset and facing criminal charges, so it is important to see an attorney.

In Miami specifically, the city is so spread-out, it may be hard for anyone to get the help they need from an attorney just down the street. Located right by the courts, we are appropriately positioned to stay on top of your case and deal with the situations with your case as new events unfold. The developments in your case can become perplexing and frustrating so it is important to have an attorney that is continually on top of your case so your mind can be at ease.

When an arrest takes place, a person is read rights, called the Miranda Rights. If the arresting officer did not read this, it can make the state's case against the alleged criminal void. Within 24 hours of getting arrested, the person is taken to court for the first time, and which is called an arraignment. Formal charges are brought against the arrested individual. This is where a decision must be made as to what attorney, if any, will be needed, or a public defender may be available.

A felony means the minimum imprisonment if convicted is one year or longer. Judgements of conviction carry huge punishments that can mean years of prison time, heavy fines and major backlashes for the rest of the defendant’s life. A felon is marked, and sometimes cannot find a job due to that charge on the record. A conviction commonly produces a downward spiral of negativity, and perhaps leading to many psychological issues including depression, shame and anger.

In Miami, felonies are commonplace, as Miami one of the most dangerous cities in the US. Also, 1 in 85 people will have a violent crime happen to them in this city.

For anyone who has been arrested for a criminal charge in Miami, you have rights and the choices you make from the point of the arrest may affect your outcome. The most important choice you can make after being arrested is who will represent you, so choose wisely.